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Wild Wood Eccentrics specializes in custom reclaimed wood products. We obtain materials from Montana's colorful historic eras and pride ourselves on being a full service company who understands discriminating decorating needs. Please feel free to browse our website and contact our experienced sales staff in beautiful Whitefish, Montana for future one-of-a-kind opportunities in design. Contact us at (406)270-3154 or (406) 240-1669 for information or a price quote.

How Everything Started

Wildwood Eccentrics came into being in 2000. JL Halverstadt had worked for years in the lumber industry both as a logger and a broker. He saw what was becoming of the wood in the west that had built so many beautiful, historical structures ~ it was being pushed into a pile and burned! As a native Montanan whose family homesteaded in the Flathead Valley, he saw the potential that antique wood possessed. He knew that he had the passion to show others what it could be used for…, creating new structures in the west and beyond while helping to preserve its unique history.

The Reclaimed Story

Reclaimed wood adds instant beauty to your home or other structure. At Wildwood Eccentrics, we carry a large selection of timbers, flooring, paneling, trim and tin/metal, reclaimed from properties around the Flathead Valley and beyond.

The vast majority of our wood is rescued from ranching operations east of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. These structures are part of the fabric that built the West.

They are former homesteads, barns, calving sheds, corrals and old commercial buildings that are historically significant to the West and the people who came here to start a new life.

The wood is a mixture of Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine ~ as this was indigenous to Montana and what was available 50 to 100 years ago when the buildings were constructed. Whenever possible we like to supply information and pictures to clients regarding the origin of their wood.

Reusing this wood is a wonderful way to preserve our history and conserve our most beautiful natural resource ~ trees! Reincarnating this wood brings a soul to your structure and is something you can feel great about using!

Show us what you got

We Buy Barns

We buy barns, old cabins, houses and structures of all types. If you have a structure on your property that can be reclaimed, we'd love to hear from you.

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